Geoceldas Geomaxx. Geomalla alveolar 3D para confinamiento celular. Geocelda para refuerzo de bases, taludes, muros ecológicos y canales. Barreras para fauna Terramax.
Geoceldas Geomaxx. Geomalla alveolar 3D para confinamiento celular. Geocelda para refuerzo de bases, taludes, muros ecológicos y canales.Barreras para fauna Terramax.


The confinement system (geocells) offer low cost and easy solutions 

Geomaxx Geocells offer innovative solutions, really used in the construction of infrastructure, environment and mining.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality in our products and services to achieve the best technical solutions.
The product and solution offered are based on our experience and add to the supply of materials, the technical support from the project to the execution of the work.
Geomaxx is very versatile and have a wide range of products for civil works, hydraulic works, landfills, and professional landscaping projects based on the confinement system technology.

Industrial product for engineering

GEOMAXX geocells are formed by high density polyethylene strips
The strips are stabilized against ultraviolet radiation joined by ultrasonic welds, which provide a comparable structural strength not to other systems.

Geomaxx can be filled with any material:  soil, gravel, concrete ...
To ensure the high interaction between the walls and the filling, the walls are textured and perforated.
They are manufactured in many sizes to provide the right type and cells dimensions to the situation, according to the project requirements.

Geomaxx geocells

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HTML: Geomaxx Geoceldas de PEAD, polietileno de alta densidad. Sistema geocelda de confinamiento celular. Geomalla alveolar 3D



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